An easy solution to perform lost file recovery from computer hard drive

You may feel bad when you accidentally delete the files from the storage devices like hard disk, memory card and iPod. Suppose you might have accidentally deleted the some important files through the hard drive and in this kind of a situation you might think that how you can recover files from computer hard drive that happen to be accidentally deleted. If you are looking to get back those deleted files the top suggestion is by using a good data recovery software.

Popular storage devices are memory cards, external hard drive, pen drive, and iPod. Different storage devices are obtainable in different memories ranges coming from a few MB to TB. Storage capacity of memory card ranges from 2 MB to 2 TB, pen drive ranges from 512 MB to 32 GB, iPod ranges from 2 GB to 160 GB, and external hard drive ranges from 500 MB to two TB and much more. Storage devices may be formatted with FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems for MS Windows operating systems.

The files from the storage medium could possibly be deleted or lost as a result of various scenarios like files deleted through command prompt, use of Shift + Delete key combination to delete files, emptying the Recycle Bin, Trash exceeds its maximum size limit, files delete by certain applications, and interruption to the file transmission process etc. Here a number of common case scenarios where the files can be deleted or lost from the storage medium are explained briefly.

You could accidentally delete the files from the external portable hard drive using the ‘Delete’ command. In the event you might do that then the deleted files will bypass the Recycle Bin and so they can’t be found.

The files can also be deleted by 3rd party applications like virus attack or scanning with antivirus software. Computer virus is a stuff you ought to be scared of it because it could affect the files stored on the hard drive. Actually viruses aren’t nevertheless the bits of code (programs) that may be used by both good and bad purposes. The modern computer viruses like spyware and malware can rarely do direct harm to your files, nevertheless they can make the files inaccessible. In order to avoid attacks of virus or delete those items of code the device ought to be scanned with the updated antivirus software. In common situations files could get deleted while scanning the hard drive using the antivirus software.

You might hear that the deleted files will never be removed permanently from the storage media. Because if the file is deleted then still it is found but the area is reallocated for any new data and file pointer is reset. The question remains that how you can perform lost file recovery from computer hard disk? An easy method to recover deleted or lost files is to employ good file recovery software. You can download the recovery software, which efficiently recovers the files deleted as a result of above mentioned scenarios.