Simple Way to Repair AVI Video File

AVI can be abbreviated as Audio Video Interleave. It is a video file format introduced by Microsoft in the year of 1992. AVI is the advanced format of the Resource Interchange File format (RIFF) which can multiple streaming of video and audio. AVI divides the file data into two different blogs one will handle audio and another will deal with video. This is one of the popular video file formats among the users because of its user friendly features. Since, it is not free from corruption and damage.

You AVI video file may get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons like improper closing, bad sectors, virus intrusion, improper file transfer etc. You don’t be panic an efficient tool like Repair AVI can repair AVI video file with ease. With the help of this tool you can do AVI video file fix on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Before seeing the features of the tool in detail lets discuss some corruption scenarios.

Reasons for corruption or damage of AVI file:

  • Virus Attack:Malware or virus is a harmful program which enters into system files via internet which affects those files including AVI files. If the harshness of virus infection rising means files stored on the system become unreadable.
  • Operating System Damage:Some unknown errors may take place in the system registry which results in operating system starts to malfunction that lead into files corruption.
  • Bad Sectors: Small defective part of storage device because of inappropriate shutdown, hard drive formatting in frequent manner. If the AVI files stored on this bad sector then corruption occurred in selected file.
  • Improper Closing of AVI File: You have to open and close the files in a proper way. If you opened or closed digital video file in inappropriate method means corruption may takes place.
  • Faulty Software:You may utilize some unhealthy video file editor application for changing file format. In such a situation, AVI files may get corrupted due to faulty coding of that tool.

Whatever may the reason, you can implement this tool in order to fix AVI file. After implementing this tool you never raise the question that how can I fix AVI file? Because it is an extremely faster, smarter and better way to repair corrupted or damaged AVI file.

Advanced Features of Repair AVI Tool:

  • This tool repairs various corrupted or damaged video file formats such as MOV and MP4 which are not playable on QuickTime media player.
  • AVI files which are abruptly closed or truncated can be repaired with the help of this tool.
  • In a trail version itself you can preview repaired video file for evaluating purpose before purchasing the licensed version of this tool.
  • The unique features of this software is, it can fix video and audio separately while repairing process and then adjoining those streams and creates an error free video.
  • It can fix large size AVI files without any difficulty and provides completely automatic repairing process.
  • It has trouble-free Graphical User Interface which helps you to complete repair process within a few mouse clicks.

AVI file repair software for Mac

Are you currently under a peril of losing your beloved videos and seeking for the repair app to mend your tarnished video files having .avi file format? AVI files might hold your family or any most unforgettable instants of life, or there might be favorite movies etc. So once the AVI file gets corrupted, then you could be unable to get access to corrupted files. Thus to conquer such cases and to repair the AVI files in safe mode, software experts have premeditated AVI repair function, this tool is brilliant in fixing any kind of harm that may strike to your AVI files. This software can dependably fixes the tarnished files and makes them to play usually. This AVI file fixer is sufficient to do up the following corruptions.

Common AVI file corruption causes: –

  • Virus infections: – Suppose the AVI files are downloaded from unsecured internet, and then there is a possibility of virus incursion into your system. As a result of this virus amassing, all AVI files along with other files which are stored on the disk may be busted and upshots inaccessibility to the users.
  • Video Player errors: – In some cases video player errors might harm the AVI files which are selected to play on the broken media player. Thus, you might simply misplace the video files due to harm done to it.
  • Synchronization faults: – Suppose you hope to shift the AVI files from system to our phone or iPod or to any other device, that time you have to sync the files. If any obstacles strike or the synchronization is performed inappropriately, then the files may be unapproachable. In this state you have to make use of this fix avi tool AVI video repair Mac
  • File conversion problems: – Suppose you desire to convert the AVI file to any other format, if this is completed wrongly or the tool used to convert the AVI files may be conflicting to convert the files correctly, then those files might be ruined and will be lost.

You may be countenanced any of the above state, no need to be anxious until this tool is here to repair corrupt AVI file. This AVI repair tool is premeditated with the aid of strong attribute to achieve the repair route on all broken AVI files. Once the fixing of the files is completed, the same content will be reloaded. This tool can be easily exploited on both Mac and Windows computers for corrupted AVI file repair process.

This AVI repair app can execute the repair progression on external storage devices and all ruined files will be secured in few minutes. This is one of the elegant apps which is reliable even to repair other types of video files. If you are the user of Mac OS, then mend avi file Mac by choosing the Mac version of this tool. It can successfully fix the files which are inaccessible or refuge to play; basically you have to pursue the screen shots which give details about the handling of this app.

Once the application is employed on your system to repair AVI file, then you can prefer the much needed file to repair. Suppose, you desire to weigh up the results of this tool, and then choose the trial edition of this software. Using the trial edition you can repair the kaput AVI files, but to get access to the repaired files, you have to to buy the licensed version of this tool.