How to shred the computer data permanently???

Are you currently searching for a way to erase your confidential files from your system hard disk? Then your search ends here!!! My file shredder program can help you in erasing your file permanently. It is made especially for those users who wish to sell or dispose of their PC or laptop. Oahu is the most recent tool to erase file completely from the system hard drive. By using this tool you are able to overwrite your confidential information at your fingertips. This software uses some defined patterns to overwrite the files. These patterns are licensed by the government and defense departments.

This tool unlinks the file location and overwrites its content with garbage values. Erasing data using my file shredder is so much safe, as it overwrites data up to 38 times. It’s the safest position no-one can recover data after this. It removes the file completely, without any chance of recovery. Instead of computer or laptop hard disk drive, additionally, you use this program for erasing files from external removable drives including pen drive, flash card, hard drive etc. This application works well on major versions of Windows operating system.

Reasons which made users erase file permanently

  1. When you need to sell your computer to some unknown person.
  2. When you’ve got the threat of some hacking your system security to access your data.
  3. When a tool is applying among multiple users, then also there is a threat of them being misused.

Special features of my file shredder

My file shredder tool will overwrite the files with selected method several times and erase files permanently. This utility provides nine shredding methods plus they are categorized into different levels for erasing the file including low-security shredding method, a different one is medium security shredding method and high-security shredding method. It is possible to select either of those methods, based on the seriousness of the information. In low-security shredding method, you will get these sanitization methods fast zero overwrite, random overwrite etc.

On medium security shredding patterns you’re going to get North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO standard, German: VSITR, DOD Standard 5220.28 STD. For high security, you can use Peter Guttmann Secure Deletion, US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) + Guttmann shredding Method. If you use low-security pattern to erase the file, then there are chances that the recovery might be done by hardware experts. Who decode the code and get the files during the pattern of bits. High-security shredding technique is safer along with a bit complicated. 38 times they overwrite the files. After erasing file using high-security pattern, recovery is impossible. This tool features a simple graphical user interface that assists a non-technical person to make use of the tool to erase vital data permanently.

Way to use my file shredder application

First, download the program on your own system hard disk. Launch the applying. As soon as you run the tool it starts loading the drives connected to your system. After the logical drives are loaded, decide on a drive which includes sensitive data being shredded beyond recovery. All the contents of the drive would be placed in the right pane of application main window. Select those file that ought to be shredded and click to incorporate them into shredding zone.

The application adds the chosen files into shredding zone. Once you select the file you intend to permanently erase, click shred file button listed in the toolbar, to shred the file indexed by shredding zone. When you click on shred file button, every one of the selected files inside the shredding zone is going to be overwritten by different pattern depending on shredding method you chooses. Following the accomplishment of the shredding method, a note would appear intimating this. Once you erased your file using my file shredder, it cannot be recovered back using any recovery software.