Why my MS Office Files Won’t Open on External HDD?

“Hello everyone, can anyone help me to solve my problem? I actually stored few Excel and Word files on my external hard drive. The problem is those Office files are not opening when I try to open them directly from the external; hard drive. But, they are opening successfully after I copied them to my computer. Why my Office files are not opening on external hard drive? How to fix it? Please help me. Thank you…!” 

If you have encountered a situation just like above, then read this page to know how to fic the issue. In such case, make sure that you have MS Office and Windows operating system fully updated, repair disk permissions and then restart the system. This may or may not fix the issue completely, but helps to a level the playing field.

If you are using MS Office 2011 Suite, then be careful as it is quite sensitive to illegal characters in volume names, folder names & file names. Make sure that you don’t use any symbols or punctuation in the naming.

Also, the folders name is part of the path name. So, is the name of the drive. Do not use any special characters for these, and avoid using!@#$ %^&*{}()[]/<> like this plague.

Also, check with these:

  1. USB 11 cables on USB 2.0 devices sometimes work, sometimes won’t work. If you have run into cases with USB 11 internal cables and errors happen.
  2. BIOS may be out of date.
  3. “Odd” settings of said BIOS. Hint: Try defaults and USB enabled.
  4. Motherboard and USB filter drivers. Highly dependent on the make/model motherboard, but the truth is that Microsoft has nothing to offer here. Windows Update and Driver Update to do nothing to fix the issue.

Beyond that, any parasite or pest can also cause any number of odd errors and bumps. Hint? Adaware, Spybot, Cwshredder, Houseful and HPGURU’s HOSTS file can help keep the parasites away.

Note: If the Office files that you are looking for on an external hard drive are deleted by accident, then it is a serious threat? Office files can be deleted by accident. How to recover Microsoft office from external hard drive? Why to worry, when powerful Office File Recovery tool is available online. Just download and install the free trial version of this tool and recover back your MS Office files from external hard drive in a couple of minutes.

Add, Share, and Sync Calendars on Mac and iPhone

Apple Inc. has introduced calendar app for their Mac OS X desktops and iOS mobile operating systems devices. This calendar app allows online cloud backup of calendars with the help of Apple’s iCloud service and also synchronized with other calendar services such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Google Calendar. It is also known as electronic calendar. With the help of calendar app, people can track appointments, events as well as view the multiple calendar created by them and quickly identify conflicts and free time.

Calendar app is integrated with Apple’s iCloud service, so that it can be shared and synchronized with other electronic devices, including Mac systems, iPhones, and iPod touch over the internet. Apple calendar users can also subscribe to other calendars so that they can easily maintain with friends and colleagues, and other things such as healthy schedules and other programs. Using calendar to max effect on Mac system or iPhone can truly keep on top of things.

So let us discus, how to add, share, and sync calendars on Mac system as well as an iPhone device so that users can follow their agenda wherever they want. This electronic calendar that with Mac system and iPhone device has so many features that user wants. With the help of calendar, people can set reminders, create appointments, and basically organize their daily life so that every important event can’t be missed. In order to share sync calendar across multiple devices, people need to log in with same iCloud account.

Using same account or login with same iCloud account on all the devices means any activity done on one device will affect all other devices which are logged in with same account. If any event or reminder is not displayed to the devices, then can be due to iCloud login issue means device is not successfully logged in or dealing with iCloud sync issue.

Once the device is logged in with same account, then all the Meetings, Events, Reminders and Updates can be easily synced and view by the user. There are a number of benefits by sync calendar with multiple devices such as user can set Control calendar sharing rights and permissions with other devices, can create multiple calendar views and many others.

About the Stock Mac Apps That Apple Quietly Made Useful

A lot of decent software is packed by the Apple in to OS X, but when the built in options got sucked, the long time users may remember that it’s so bad you had to install basic alternatives like image viewer, PDF reader and many other of this type. As the technology is growing there are many changes that are occurring and there are few built in productivity tools again.

Apple consist of all the successful apps that work very effectively and also there are many unsuccessful apps, such as iTunes is a joke, Calendar is pretty subpar, Photos is a disaster, etc.

Apple Notes Is a Goldilocks Notes App between Ever note and Plain Text

In EI Capitan Apple have spent talking up a new Notes app and at that time we all poked a little fun. But one truth you need to know is Notes is very much powerful now. In Ever note territory it is not quite when it comes to customization, the Rich Text revamp of notes as Mac Sparky pointed out and makes it much more useable. Images and format text can be added to the notes and also you can create bulleted lists, add them in previews of web pages and many more.

Now between two big types Notes falls in the note taking apps: like Ever note, everything buckets and plain text’s minimalist simplicity. For most of the people it sits in a kind of Goldilocks zone who don’t want the hassle like Ever note that is getting their arms around and more than a simple plain text list it is needed. Syncing glitches with iCloud is one of the biggest problems with all the early versions of Apple Notes, but in the latest version this problem is not occurring.

Apple Notes lacks a tagging system and it is not perfect o course, due to this the organizations should suffer a lot. For a notes app search while robust doesn’t allow you to restrict searches to a single folder, due to this the notes you keep in it will become problematic.

How Augmented Reality Makes the Remote Communication to Feel More Intimate?

Nowadays face-to-face communication is quite common and nothing new in this but a group of researchers are going to design a life-size projection of a person. A project from the Microsoft Research named Room2Room is working on this technology. They use Kinect depth cameras and digital projectors for this project. The main theme of this technology is that it captures the image of a person in 3-D in one room and project the life-sized version of that person in real time in another room and vice versa so that each person can see the image of the other and have better communication.

Paperwork on this technology will be going to present at the Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing conference at the end of the February in San Francisco. The idea of augmented reality has been around for years but it is not implemented. Now Microsoft researchers are going to put this technology in track, Microsoft is one among the companies which is trying to popularize the AR by testing out its HoloLens headset. The researchers took the help of already existed Microsoft Research augmented reality project called RoomAlive. This RoomAlive project uses the Kinect depth-sensing cameras and digital projectors. So instead of setting up the hardware to only one room, they set two hardware which helps to scan each person sitting in a room and project him in another room.

In order to understand the working report of this project and to make sense how people are going to communicate seven pairs of study participants built 3-D shapes with blocks via augmented reality. A person with actual blocks sat in front of a table in one room, while their partner sat in another room and gave instructions to first person how to construct the shape. Researchers found that while putting this type of puzzles it will take only four minutes if they were face to face where in the case of augmented reality it will take about 7 minutes.

There are several issues to be solved before going to implement this Room2Room project. The depth-sensing and projection hardware which are going to be used are available widely, bulky and somewhat risky to setup. It doesn’t deliver high-resolution images. A professor of California, University, Santa Barbara named Tobias Hollerer stated that the resolution can be improved very easily and expect we will be going to use the systems similar to augmented reality.

How MS Office Accessibility Checker Helps in Reading the Documents?

Microsoft Office is nothing but an Office Suite for the set of inter-related desktop applications, servers and web services for both Windows and Mac OS X users. Some of the products include Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, etc. Accessibility Checker is one of the most effective tools provided in Microsoft Office for Windows. This application is used to check the document for possible issues that people may experience while viewing their Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file. This tool is also capable of checking the documents which are against a set of rules developed by ADA standards and provides a list of items that should be adjusted.

Functions of MS Office Accessibility Checker:

  • Identifying the possible issues that might create problems for MS Office users with disabilities in reading or using the content.
  • It provides a task pane which helps the user to view and fix their issues before finalizing the content.

How to run MS Office accessibility checker tool on Windows computer?

If you want to know how to run MS Office accessibility checker tool on Windows computer then you don’t need to move anywhere as you are at right place. Running the MS office inspection tool on a Windows computer is quite easy process. Now open the document which you have to check.  After that go to the File tab and select Info option. Now select Check for Issues option and from there choose the Check Accessibility option from the drop-down menu. Now each issue found can be classified as a warning, error or tip.

  • Error: An error is for content that can be raised while reading the document. If it occurs then it is so difficult and quite impossible for the users with the disabilities to understand.
  • Warning: A warning is for content which can be raised at sometimes but not all times. While reading the document if any warning occurs then it is difficult or impossible for the user with disabilities to understand those warnings.
  • Tips: A tip is also for content that people with the disabilities can easily understand it. The tips should be presented in better and organized way so that one can improve their experience and solve their issues.

Sometimes while fixing some issues with documents or files, it might require some changes in formatting, captions, heading styles, providing alternative text for images or data tables. In such cases Accessibility Checker results pane will offers valuable suggestions for why-to-fix and how-to-fix these issues. It also let us to know more about MS Office features to make the content more accessible.