Solving the problem of a corrupted 2GB PST file

You may have at one time or another seen on television or the movies a comedy sketch in which a person in an effort to make a table stop wobbling cuts off pieces of the legs attempting to level out the table. Eventually their dining room table is a coffee table and still wobbles. This same mentality is often use to repair 2GB PST file problems.

The 2GB PST file is the main database used by Microsoft Outlook, the world’s most popular email client. Many programs designed to repair 2GB Outlook inbox problems do so by lopping off or cropping, if you will, the size of the PST file down to just under the 2 GB limitation. Yes, this will result in an operational Microsoft Outlook inbox, but it also results in permanently lost emails. Better programs designed to repair Microsoft Outlook inbox problems will divide the data stored in the inbox PST file in half and reattach sets of access tables for each. The same quality Microsoft Outlook recovery programs will allow one to then import or export the messages within the PST file or the entire PST file itself.

Translating ISO encoded data for file recovery

The key to understanding ISO image recovery is to think of an ISO image as somewhat of a foreign language. If you were to visit Egypt and look at hieroglyphics written inside of the pyramids, it is very likely you would not be able to understand what the figures meant. You would need a system to translate those images into the language you are fluent in. By the same token, understanding the language used to create ISO images allows one to render that data into more conventional and the original image file formats.

For example a Microsoft Word file is translated into an ISO image file so that the data may be burned onto a CD. To recover data from ISO image files we need a program specifically designed to translate that information back to its original form and hence allow us to use it conventionally. These programs are known as ISO readers and very often allow us to read the underlying files within an ISO image. A similar software approach is that of a virtual CD or DVD which one installs onto their computer’s desktop. This also translates the ISO image information but does so by fooling your computer’s internal hard drive into thinking it is reading a CD or DVD.

Making sure you choose the best recovery tool for your situation before purchase

There’s no point in purchasing a program for data recovery that allows you to save recovered files information until you know for sure that your computer’s hard drive is operational. Unlike situations where we are attempting to recover lost data from flash drive storage or other solid state media, recovery of files from our computer’s hard disk drive can be an impossibility if the drive itself has suffered severe physical damage.

Obviously, if the information holding platter on a hard disk drive is no longer able to spin at its required revolutions per minute or if that hard disk drive is so severely out of balance as to not be readable, there’s no point in purchasing a data recovery program. For this reason, many quality data recovery programs such as those offered by Remo Software allow one to try out the program and see for themselves if they can find their lost, damaged or deleted files. Once that portion of the process is successfully completed, the user has the option to purchase the full version of the data recovery software and use that second phase of the application to save recovered files information.

Restoration of files in the iPhoto library

The iPhoto library is in many ways very similar to the “My Pictures” file that comes as standard equipment within the Windows operating system. It organizes and divides folders into directories by data and sub folder name structure. And just like the Microsoft equivalent it is prone to file loss due to what can best be described as overstuffing. And whether you are using the iPhoto library or the Microsoft your pictures file, when digital photographs become lost, damaged or are accidentally deleted you’ll need a program specifically designed to find and recover them.

Remo Software makes an excellent program for digital media recovery that will allow you to restore iPhoto library files. The program will also allow you to recover photos from corrupted flash drive media. Considering that most digital image files are damaged during transfer and we tend to share digital photography more than any other file type, it is obvious that any program for digital photo management should also include the ability to recover digital image files from flash drives and other similar media types such as camera memory cards.

Outlook PST file recovery and repair software

One of the most common requests people have in the area of data recovery is to find and restore deleted email messages. When using web based email services such as Yahoo or AOL, this process can be extraordinarily simple. All that is required is to look in the web based email service recycle or trash bin that is built into each of these email systems. Recovery of lost or deleted emails on desktop or localized email is a little more difficult but in some ways preferable.

All that is required is a powerful Microsoft Outlook recovery tool. Microsoft Outlook stores all message archives and scheduling functions in a special database known as a PST file. From this file one must recover lost functionality and information. All that is needed to recover deleted items from Outlook PST file storage is a powerful program designed exactly for this purpose such as Remo Software’s Outlook recover. The Remo Software program for Outlook repair will support any version of Microsoft Outlook in use. You can recover Outlook 2000 PST file information and any version of Microsoft Outlook all the way through to the present versions, as offered in Microsoft Office 2007.

Answering regularly asked data recovery questions

Two very commonly asked questions when dealing with data recovery problems are how to recover files from emptied recycle bin storage and how to recover deleted Word document files. Depending on the data recovery tool that you use, this can either be a very simple pair of data recovery tasks or problems that are impossible to solve. The reason for this is that when one empties files from the Windows recycle bin, those files are no longer stored under the original file extension format they were created in.

With the average hard drive holding over 250,000 files, it becomes an impossible task to locate, recover and open each of these individually until one finds the program or application they were looking for. This same situation applies when attempting to recover Microsoft Word documents that were improperly saved. Closing a Microsoft Word document before saving it effectively deletes the file and places it into the recovery realm of other deleted files. However unsaved Word documents are not saving their original file extension format just as files from the Windows recycle bin are not. One must either know beforehand the file type and extension that this information has been stored in or use a better quality file recovery program such as those offered by Remo Software that automatically compensates for this change in file extension structure and simply does the work for you by locating files emptied from recycle bin and improperly saved Microsoft Word documents.

MS Outlook Express file and folder recovery processes

Using Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express it is far too simple and easy to accidentally delete a folder filled with important email messages. In fact, the graphic layout of Outlook Express seems to invite one to inadvertently click on the folder delete icon when wanting to simply delete one email message. Of course deleting a folder can result in deletion of hundreds of emails as opposed to an individual one.

Fortunately accidental deletion of files and folders on Windows PCs is easily remedied with data recovery programs from Remo Software. Remo has a specifically created data recovery tool to recover lost folders in Outlook Express. This powerful program will scan through your computer’s entire hard drive in just minutes and return to you a list of all recoverable files. You can then use the helpful sort function to locate specific Outlook Express folders. You may also opt to have the software search for and locate only recently deleted Outlook Express folders from the outset. Remo Software’s Outlook Express recovery program is the easiest to use system ever created to recover deleted emails from Outlook Express.

Recover partitions in Windows file storage systems

The Windows FAT, that is file allocation table, system of storing and retrieving messages from internal hard drives has not been in use on a Windows operating system and hence a PC since the implementation of Windows 98 SE. After that point, the FAT file system was replaced with the new technology file system also known as NTFS. In almost every instance, when attempting to recover lost partitions Windows users will be thinking in terms of recovery of lost data from their computer’s internal hard drive.

Because almost all Windows based PCs are using Windows XP or a newer version of Windows, one would think that the need to recover files from FAT partition areas would be limited. This would be true except that almost every external solid state digital storage media device is formatted using the older FAT system. This includes USB flash drives, camera memory cards and many external book drive devices. This is especially true in cases using external book drives, as these are often divided into many partition segments and data recovery on external book drives often requires scanning and recovery of files from a specific FAT partition.

Digital media recovery for iPod files

What most people purchase a program to recover digital photographs are unaware of is that this same software tool can be used to recover deleted iPod files. Some of the better digital photograph and digital image recovery tools such as those made by Remo Software allow recovery of proprietary file types used by the Apple iPod. The need to recover music from iPod storage where the transfer was incomplete or precious songs and videos have been accidentally deleted is immense.

When one considers the average investment in music and entertainment on an iPod is well over $500, the relatively low cost of a program to protect and recover those files would seem a wise investment. Using digital media recovery software to recover songs from iPods could not be easier. Just plug your iPod into your PC and choose the drive you have connected to from the file recovery menu. Click to scan the drive and within seconds every deleted or damaged file stored on your iPod yet hidden away will be located and made available for recovery.

Data recovery from RAID memory systems

Imagine the difficulty your business would face if all of your information were stored on one single hard disk drive and that drive were to crash. Or consider what would happen if all of the same information were placed on one hard disk drive and too many people attempted to access that drive at one time. Operating as a server, too many file access attempts at the same time would likely result in no one receiving any information. For these two reasons, RAID 5 systems were developed. RAID which stands for redundant array of independent disks, are computer systems that connect in a nonlinear method many hard disk drives all sharing common information.

The software controlling these hard disk drives coordinates all, so that large separate demands for information are answered simultaneously and so that massive single demands can be answered quickly. Generally speaking RAID systems are extremely reliable, however there’s often a need to recover RAID 5 array information when the controlling software becomes corrupted or damaged. RAID 5 recovery can be accomplished by using a high quality data recovery tool that supports RAID such as those offered by Remo software.

Two areas of hard drive recovery

Data recovery can be divided into two segments. Those would be recovery of files from externally connected devices and the recovery of files that are located internally. Internal file recovery can involve copying from your computer every bite of data on its hard drive by means of a disk cloning software program. Or internal file recovery may be as simple as finding and recovering a few accidentally deleted emails. Provided that your PC is still in working order you can download a file recovery program from Remo Software that will facilitate this action easily. This software will allow you to recover data from external hard drive storage as well as files lost on your computer’s internal hard disk drive.

To recover files from crashed hard drive components you will need to first ascertain whether your computer has suffered a logic crash which means it is simply denying you access to your files or whether your computer has actually incurred physical damage resulting and the inability of your computer’s internal hard drive to function properly. A very simple way to test this is to download a trial version of a data recovery program from Remo software and give it a try at locating deleted files on your computer’s internal hard drive. Remember when dealing with problems of crashed hard drive recovery you must download the software to a second working computer and access your hard drive from there.

The similarity of different file types when attempting recovery

In terms of their structural composition, video files and Word document files are completely different. However, in terms of file recovery they are extremely similar. Most of the better file recovery programs such as those offered by Remo software are designed to recognize several components of deleted files. These may include file extensions such as a Microsoft Word DOC file or an AVI video file or even the all familiar MP4 file type. Truthfully, many deleted documents file recovery programs can recognize these extensions and on that basis restore these types of deleted files.

When a lesser quality data recovery program attempts to recover deleted video files or document types not listed and hence not recognized, the program falls short of one’s expectations. Remo Software for data recovery recognizes the overall structure of a file type and draws a conclusion as to its relative recoverability. For this reason Remo Software’s data recovery programs are able to recover a far higher percentage of lost, damaged or deleted files than almost any other data recovery system.

Making up for Microsoft Outlook’s limited file containment ability

Microsoft Outlook is a superb email client, however certain computer functions are apt to cause corruption of the Outlook inbox. For example, an antivirus program scanning through your Microsoft Outlook PST file can in some circumstances write to the data on the PST file tables. Because this file is in essence a kind of database and the tables control actions within that database, even the smallest corruption can shut down your Microsoft Outlook inbox and deny you access to all of your emails. Remo Software makes an excellent program specifically designed to assist average computer users, giving them the opportunity to repair Outlook inbox damage.

As with all quality of Remo Software, the program to recover Outlook by means of corrupted PST repair is incredibly simple to use. In fact, it takes no more computer technical expertise to recover lost Outlook emails using the Remo software program than it does to send an email in the first place. All that is required is to answer a few simple questions by selecting from checkboxes and click on a few entry buttons. Outlook recover will locate your damaged PST file and restore it to original working condition in just minutes.

How you can handle complicated file management with ease

All that is needed to recover deleted files from external hard drive storage is a basic data recovery tool. These programs, such as those made for Windows by Remo software, will quickly search through an entire external hard drive regardless of its size and create a list of all existing and recoverable deleted files from that drive. What makes file recovery from an external drive or other external digital storage so simple is that unlike recovery of crashed hard drive files, all that is needed for file recovery from a connected source is a simple download of a data recovery tool. This tool in turn will scan through any digital media connected to your computer and from that media recover lost files.

Of course the exception to this situation is in cases where one has used a program to delete files forever. Should you remove files permanently from your computer’s internal hard drive or any digital storage connected to your computer by using a disk wipe or a file shredder program, no data recovery program in existence will be able to assist you.