Recover files using NTFS file recovery software

NTFS is one of the file systems of Windows XP and its latest versions. NTFS is nothing but New Technology File System and it is improved version of FAT and HPFS file system. NTFS has advanced features such as ability to encrypt files to improve security level.  In NTFS file system Master File Table is used to represent each file of an NTFS volume. To organize files into directories NTFS file system is required.  The intention of using NTFS fie system is to remove limitations of FAT and HPFS file system. NTFS can be used on large volumes because it does not degrade performance as it does in FAT file system.

However the data from hard drive which has NTFS file system may be deleted in some situations. The reason for file deletion from your computer may be virus attack, file system corruption and operating system crash. The deleted files can be recovered efficiently by using NTFS file recovery software, because it has built in scanning algorithm. There are so many reasons of deletion from your computer, some of them are explained below.

  • The file loss in windows computer where NTFS file system is used is very common. Most of the time the files from NTFS partitions are deleted accidentally.
  • The file from hard drive may be deleted due to damage of MBR. MBR is nothing but Master Boot Record which is used to hold partition table. The MBRs are located at the first sector of storage device. To rebuild MBR you can use NTFS file recovery software and then recover lost partitions.
  • Accidental repartitioning of hard drive causes partition deletion. To recover lost files from partitions you need to use recovery software. The recovery software recovers lost data within few minutes. Therefore if partitions are deleted there is no need to worry.
  • The most common reasons of file deletion from hard disk are human error and hardware problem. Many users may delete files unintentionally while using computer. Then you may lose important files, videos and photos.
  • Sometimes you are unable to access files from hard drive due to errors like your computer may not recognize storage device. Also the files from hard disk are not accessible due to file allocation table corruption. The File Allocation Table keeps whole information of data like file creation date and file size.

The data from hard drive is deleted or lost due to all these above reasons. Still you can recover lost data from hard drive by choosing best recovery software. Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition is one of the best recovery software which can be used to recover NTFS file of your Windows computer. You can easily recover all files from your NTFS partitions by using this Windows file recovery software. This software can be used to recover all lost or deleted documents, media files and partitions from both NTFS and FAT file system.  Your partition might be corrupted in some situations, and then also this software helps you to recover deleted files from corrupted partitions.