Shredding iPod files and wiping memory clean

The files you place on your personal computer or other digital storage device such as an Apple iPod are very often created and placed for your eyes only. Even though the files you save might be extremely benign and innocent, you may still wish to erase files from iPod memory and other digital device storage in such a manner as they can never again be opened and read. This is certainly true when storing personal photographs on your iPod. Remo Software has made excellent programs available to erase files from iPod memory.

These programs, sometimes referred to as file shredders, overwrite the areas containing any files you wish to delete in such a way as to permanently scramble the original file content. This same excellent program will assist you to wipe unused space from your computer’s hard drive or for that matter any digital media storage device connected to that computer. Sometimes we give away our used computer when purchasing a new one. The only way to be certain that the new owner of the PC does not use a data recovery tool to read all of your private information or view private digital photographs is to use the Remo file shredder program to remove all traces of the data.

Eliminating unwanted files so they are unrecoverable

If you think when you empty files from your Windows recycle bin or directly delete files from USB flash drives and other digital media connected to your computer that those files are removed permanently from your computer you are completely mistaken. When you delete a file by either of those two means, all that happens is the file name is removed from the area allocated to that file and replaced with notations that the space is available for new data.

Until those sectors of your computer’s internal hard drive or other digital media connected to your computer are overwritten several times with new data, anyone with a reasonably powerful data recovery tool can search through all of your information still available on your computer’s hard drive and copy that information. Obviously the entire point of deleting a file is to remove that information from public view. For this reason there are available quality programs to delete files forever. Generally referred to as a file shredder, this software will purposely overwrite deleted file sectors many times over with random information. This effectively erases the files in such a way as they can never be reconstructed.