Removing data from your Windows PC drive forever

The best programs to erase disk drive file information allow one to choose between permanently deleting one file or one million files. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it is not for the average personal computer holds around one million files and should you wish to erase disk information on that computer you’ll need a program that can systematically remove all traces of your original file content. The reasons one might need to do this are obvious. Unless you plan to take a sledgehammer to your used computer when you place it out of operation, you need to be certain that the information stored on that PC’s hard disk drive can never be accessed or copied. You don’t want important personal information such as financial records and medical data made available to anyone and everyone.

Simply transferring a computer from one department to another in a business environment makes available the core data of that computer, which has not been yet overwritten, on any PC to anyone with access to a simple data recovery program. Before you transfer, sell or give away any used PC make sure you wipe Windows drive information clean from that computer.