How to restore deleted files from hard drive?

Sometimes we delete the files which are of great importance to us and then later get frustrated as we have no clue how to get back those precious files. Here with much pleasure I would like to showcase software that restore files with perfection!!

To ease the twinge a user goes through, there are softwares available in market to restore your deleted files. Restoration of files is possible, as on deletion, your Operating System simply loses the access to the file.  This happens as the pointers to the file are deleted. The space occupied by deleted files is marked as “available”. This space can now be used to store new files by overwriting the previous ones. Hence, the deleted files remain physically intact on the drive waiting to be overwritten by other files. It is possible to recover the lost files, after emptying Windows Recycle Bin. It is possible by using advanced third-party applications to carry out Deleted File recovery.

There are cases in which you may end up losing these vital files from your computer. There may be situations when you might knowingly or involuntarily delete them. Sometimes we are losing our valuable data due to many reasons like:

  • Formatting: Sometimes it is necessary to format the partition when we reinstall the operating system. If we end up formatting the wrong partition all the important files will be lost after formatting your drive or partitions.
  • Registry Corruption: Registry is the critical component of Windows operating system; its corruption may cause critical data loss situations. Editing any file from the Registry Editor may result in serious data loss scenarios.
  • Corruption File System: In a computer, a file system is the way in which files are named and where they are placed logically for storage and recovery. Most common causes of file system corruption are due to improper shutdown or startup procedures, hardware failures, or NFS (Network file system) write errors. Any corruption in the file system may result in unknown data loss.
  • Virus attack: Viruses can be transmitted over a network. They can duplicate from one system to another and can also replicate through storage medium. Virus may delete the data in some cases in other cases it may make the data inaccessible.

Your files which are stored on the hard drive may be a collection of music files, videos, office documents, presentations, etc. Deletion of important data is painful to anyone who plans to use these files later. Often a user may come across lost or deleted file scenarios.

Remo Recover (Windows) is a recovery program that works to perform Deleted file Recovery. This is a powerful file recovery utility that scans the entire drive to find deleted files and recovers them successfully. A demo version of the software allows user to preview all the files that the utility is able to recover. If the files are not overwritten, you would be able to see the particular files. If pleased with the results you can go ahead and buy the software.