Macintosh data recovery for standard files and trash

If any person or advertisement tells you that they have a program which will recover Mac files along with Windows files you may immediately assume that the program they have is worthless. The process needed to recover deleted Mac data or to recover Mac trash files is completely different than that used to recover files lost, damaged or deleted from Windows based PCs.

Recovery of files on Windows computers is a fairly straightforward process with the most difficult aspect being to access and recover files from a crashed hard drive. This holds true also for recovery of files of Mac computers with the additional difficulty factor added of the Mac disk initialization and Mac disk verification processes. Before the Mac Computer using the Mac OS X operating system will allow you access to any file on its internal hard drive it must run these two checks of the hard drive directory system to ensure that they are working perfectly. Basically this means that any sector of that drive has failed access to the entire drive is denied. Quality programs to recover Mac files are able to leapfrog this specific part of the application and directly reach the stored file information. This allows you to copy your files to a safe location and then reinstall your Mac OS X system.