Powerful flash drive data wiping software

When attempting to permanently erase data from a computer’s internal hard drive or other digital media such as a USB flash drive, one must purchase a quality file shredder program. Examples of superior software designed to wipe data from an entire hard drive in just minutes are available from Remo software.

Remo software made a name for themselves in the data recovery industry with powerful programs that can scan and recover lost or damaged files in just seconds. They take that same expertise and have reverse engineered it so as to offer a file erasing program that deletes files permanently in such a manner as they can never be reconstructed. Remo Software’s program for permanent file deletion is so effective that it actually meets the standards set by the United States Department of Defense for removal of top secret data from digital storage. Of course you don’t need to wipe clean an entire hard drive if all you wish to do is shred one or two files from specific locations. The Remo file shredder will shred files from USB drive storage, MMC cards and of course your computer’s hard disk drive.