Recovery of deleted Outlook files in Vista

Even though Microsoft has replaced their very popular Outlook email program with the new Windows Mail millions of users are still relying on Microsoft Outlook as their email client. In fact many Microsoft Outlook users have chosen to install the application on new PCs running Windows 7. This is quite understandable, as when one has thousands of archived emails and hundreds of Microsoft Outlook folders to hold them it would be impractical to move all of this information to the newer Windows ail system. For this reason many Vista and Windows Seven users are quite content to continue with Microsoft Outlook. And while Microsoft Outlook is a generally reliable email system, very often file corruption results and we’re faced with the need to repair the Microsoft Outlook inbox so as to find and recover archived emails. It is because of this transfer of the Microsoft Outlook application onto computers using Windows 7 and Vista Remo Software has developed their Outlook recovery program so as to support every currently operational version of Windows. To recover deleted files Vista users need only follow a few simple instructions as put forth in the easy to operate graphic user interface that comes built into every version of Remo Software’s Outlook recovery program.

The program will allow one to repair Outlook inbox problems as well as undelete PST files that have been corrupted and deleted due to common Outlook problems such as the 2 GB PST file limitation and file corruption due to scanning by antivirus programs.