Ways to recover accidentally formatted drive

You may format a drive intentionally or unintentionally. When it is done intentionally, you will take backup of the data on the hard drive, but when the drive is accidentally formatted the data will be lost. The data that is lost after formatting, reformatting or re-partitioning might be lost forever if you did not take the following precautions –

  • You must avoid executing any disk utility programs such as chkdsk or disk defrag
  • Do not save or update data on the disk may result in overwriting the lost data
  • Do not close any applications or programs as some files will saved and data might get overwritten
  • The PC should not be shutdown or rebooted, as it may cause application programs to potentially overwrite the lost files by making recovery of erased data files more difficult.

Usually the loss of files / folders, photos, audio and video files may be due to the format, reformat, re-partitioning and that is an irreversible situation; the lost data appears on the drive and it is still likely to get back the lost files, which can be done through a third party NTFS formatted drive recovery software. This software will help you recover and restore data or files lost from NTFS 4, NTFS 5 formatted hard drives and external storage devices.

How to restore formatted partition?

However, in any of the above cases, accessing the drive, which is formatted, is strictly prohibited to avoid data loss, so avoid using the internet on the same device, on which recovery of lost data is to be done. The files can be recovered using formatted disk drive recovery utility, which can reliably retrieve the complete data from NTFS, FAT partitions, memory cards, USB drives, external HDD etc. that was lost due to unintentional format, reformat, re-partition or re-installing OS on hard drives.