About the Stock Mac Apps That Apple Quietly Made Useful

A lot of decent software is packed by the Apple in to OS X, but when the built in options got sucked, the long time users may remember that it’s so bad you had to install basic alternatives like image viewer, PDF reader and many other of this type. As the technology is growing there are many changes that are occurring and there are few built in productivity tools again.

Apple consist of all the successful apps that work very effectively and also there are many unsuccessful apps, such as iTunes is a joke, Calendar is pretty subpar, Photos is a disaster, etc.

Apple Notes Is a Goldilocks Notes App between Ever note and Plain Text

In EI Capitan Apple have spent talking up a new Notes app and at that time we all poked a little fun. But one truth you need to know is Notes is very much powerful now. In Ever note territory it is not quite when it comes to customization, the Rich Text revamp of notes as Mac Sparky pointed out and makes it much more useable. Images and format text can be added to the notes and also you can create bulleted lists, add them in previews of web pages and many more.

Now between two big types Notes falls in the note taking apps: like Ever note, everything buckets and plain text’s minimalist simplicity. For most of the people it sits in a kind of Goldilocks zone who don’t want the hassle like Ever note that is getting their arms around and more than a simple plain text list it is needed. Syncing glitches with iCloud is one of the biggest problems with all the early versions of Apple Notes, but in the latest version this problem is not occurring.

Apple Notes lacks a tagging system and it is not perfect o course, due to this the organizations should suffer a lot. For a notes app search while robust doesn’t allow you to restrict searches to a single folder, due to this the notes you keep in it will become problematic.