Add, Share, and Sync Calendars on Mac and iPhone

Apple Inc. has introduced calendar app for their Mac OS X desktops and iOS mobile operating systems devices. This calendar app allows online cloud backup of calendars with the help of Apple’s iCloud service and also synchronized with other calendar services such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Google Calendar. It is also known as electronic calendar. With the help of calendar app, people can track appointments, events as well as view the multiple calendar created by them and quickly identify conflicts and free time.

Calendar app is integrated with Apple’s iCloud service, so that it can be shared and synchronized with other electronic devices, including Mac systems, iPhones, and iPod touch over the internet. Apple calendar users can also subscribe to other calendars so that they can easily maintain with friends and colleagues, and other things such as healthy schedules and other programs. Using calendar to max effect on Mac system or iPhone can truly keep on top of things.

So let us discus, how to add, share, and sync calendars on Mac system as well as an iPhone device so that users can follow their agenda wherever they want. This electronic calendar that with Mac system and iPhone device has so many features that user wants. With the help of calendar, people can set reminders, create appointments, and basically organize their daily life so that every important event can’t be missed. In order to share sync calendar across multiple devices, people need to log in with same iCloud account.

Using same account or login with same iCloud account on all the devices means any activity done on one device will affect all other devices which are logged in with same account. If any event or reminder is not displayed to the devices, then can be due to iCloud login issue means device is not successfully logged in or dealing with iCloud sync issue.

Once the device is logged in with same account, then all the Meetings, Events, Reminders and Updates can be easily synced and view by the user. There are a number of benefits by sync calendar with multiple devices such as user can set Control calendar sharing rights and permissions with other devices, can create multiple calendar views and many others.