Answering regularly asked data recovery questions

Two very commonly asked questions when dealing with data recovery problems are how to recover files from emptied recycle bin storage and how to recover deleted Word document files. Depending on the data recovery tool that you use, this can either be a very simple pair of data recovery tasks or problems that are impossible to solve. The reason for this is that when one empties files from the Windows recycle bin, those files are no longer stored under the original file extension format they were created in.

With the average hard drive holding over 250,000 files, it becomes an impossible task to locate, recover and open each of these individually until one finds the program or application they were looking for. This same situation applies when attempting to recover Microsoft Word documents that were improperly saved. Closing a Microsoft Word document before saving it effectively deletes the file and places it into the recovery realm of other deleted files. However unsaved Word documents are not saving their original file extension format just as files from the Windows recycle bin are not. One must either know beforehand the file type and extension that this information has been stored in or use a better quality file recovery program such as those offered by Remo Software that automatically compensates for this change in file extension structure and simply does the work for you by locating files emptied from recycle bin and improperly saved Microsoft Word documents.