Know How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

The hard drive is considered to be one of the main storage devices which are used in both computers and laptops. It has the capability to store huge amount of data such as pictures, music files, movies, documents, applications, software, Excel sheets, Word files, RAW, Zip files, etc. As it stores an enormous amount of data so it quite necessary to take backup of the hard drive in order to get rid of data loss scenarios.Sometimes you may strike to some miserable conditions like the format of a hard disk drive and this result in wiping or erasing of entire data from your hard drive. There are several reasons that lead to the format of the drive, don’t get panic under such scenarios because you can easily recover data from the formatted hard drive with the help of most reliable, safe and secure software called Restore Formatted Hard Drive software.

Reasons due which hard drive gets formatted:

  • Accidental Formatting: Accidental formatting is one of the major causes that lead to the wiping of entire data from the hard drive i.e. while going to format the external drive, the user might accidentally select systems hard drive and hit format button.
  • Bad Sectors: All the files that were downloaded from the internet get stored in system hard drive, so there may be the chance of entering the virus into the drive. Due to this bad sectors were created on the hard drive and make the drive inaccessible. To access the drive again you have to perform format operation.
  • OS Up-gradation: Sometimes it is necessary to upgrade the current operating system to newer one. At the time of upgrading the OS, it is required to format the hard drive.
  • Other Causes: Some other circumstances like MBR corruption, partitioning errors, partition table corruption, and file system corruption, hard drive crash, etc. also responsible for hard drive formatting.

Unique Features of Restore Formatted Hard Drive software:

This software supports formatted hard drive recovery on various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. With the help of its advanced in-built technology, it is very easy to perform scanning of entire formatted hard drive and recovers the data from it with few mouse clicks. It has the capability to retrieve the enormous amount of data such as pictures, music, movies, applications, games, software, spreadsheets, documents, etc. This software also used for recovering data from hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, and so on. Apart from internal hard drive data recovery it also supports recovery from various other storage drives like pen drives, external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc. This software is also capable of recovering data from formatted, reformatted, and corrupted hard drives.

Tool to Recover Hard Drive in Few Simple Steps

Hard drive is a storage device used to keep files and folder in an organized way. Several files stored in hard drive are audio files, video files, pictures, documents, etc. Sometimes files get deleted or lost hard drive due to certain reasons. It is a horrible condition when files get lost or deleted from hard drive. Under such drastic condition, you are searching for reliable tool to recover hard drive in simple and effective way.

You can make use of Hard Drive Recovery Utility to retrieve deleted or lost files hard drive in a simple and effective way. This software has numerous advantages over other recovery tool. This software is compatible with different versions of Mac and Windows operating system You can easily recover data from different brands of hard drive such as Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba, SanDisk, etc. It is available online that recovers lost data from HDD.  This software includes simple and effective steps to recover files perfectly.

Reasons for data loss from hard drive

Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes files get wiped out from hard drive due to accidental formatting. This scenario leads to permanent deletion of files and folder from hard drive and you have to suffer from severe data loss.

File System Corruption: The file system allocates file and folder stored in any storage device. Sometimes due to certain reason such as virus attack the file system get corrupted and unable to locate the file. Under such condition the file and folder stored in hard drive become unreachable to users.

Bad Sector: It is a memory space on hard drive which get damaged and file written over it get lost. This scenario leads to severe data loss from hard drive.

Other Factor: Several other factors responsible for deletion or loss of data from hard drive are improper transfer, improper ejection, power failure, etc. You can use this effective tool to recover deleted or lost file within few simple steps.

Steps to recover files from Hard Drive

Step 1: First of all download and install this software on your system. Run the application, and then select “RECOVER PARTITIONS / DRIVES” from main window.

Step 2: Select “FORMATTED / REFORMATTED RECOVERY” option to recover data from the formatted partition. Then select affected hard drive to initiate scanning.

Step 3: Once scanning is over, the recovered data can be previewed in “FILE TYE VIEW” or “DATA VIEW”.

Features of Hard Drive Recovery Utility

  • Hard Drive Recovery Utility can be easily downloaded, installed and used on all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • This software includes few simple steps to recover files from damaged, corrupted, formatted or reformatted hard drive.
  • This software has special feature called Find Option that allows user to search files according to file name, file size and file type.
  • Technical support team is given to user in order to provide assistance to users.
  • Different files retired through this application are audio files, video files, pictures, documents, and many more.

Ways to get back lost files from hard disk.

Ways to get back lost files from hard disk.

Have you ever lost important files? Are you currently facing the situation of hard disk failure? Perhaps you have lost vital files while scanning by antivirus. In case your response is “yes”, you will be able to go back the vital files by looking into making using effective recovery tool for hard disk, which can be put together by the viewers of technical experts to prevent loss of data also to keep the people who use computers. While deleting useless data, say you lost important data by utilizing “Shift + Delete” on Windows OS so you attempted to go back vital files however, you did not get those files. Then utilize this tool to re-collect important files.

Various factors behind loss of data are:

  • Damage of hard disk: Hard disk is just not functional because of virus infection, re-partitioning of system; these failures comes under harm to hard disk drives. Whenever hard drive damages, it can make the person not able to browse the data.
  • Restoring the device to earlier date:  Whenever you use system restore feature of Windows OS to create personal computer to previous date, you could lose data while carrying this out action.
  • Third party applications: The example for third party applications is antivirus erasing the file while scanning, whenever it finds data from hard disk infected by virus.

Some popular features of it are:

  • The software programs are ideal for retrieval of erased data from FAT 16, FAT 32 formatted partitions.
  • The software can restore the information that is certainly lost because of accidentally formatting while re-installing the     Windows OS.
  • It can return hard drive on Windows 7, Vista, and XP etc.
  • The software supports Windows and Mac OS of numerous versions.
  • It performs the recovery of numerous popular branded hard disk drives like Hitachi, Samsung, and Toshiba etc.
  • It performs hard disk drive recovery.

The tool performs recovery of formatted hard drive, because when installing new Operating system on hard disk accidentally you are looking at wrong partition being a place to install OS, if it partition contains vital files this selection results in data loss. In this case, the use of it means it performs the retrieval of formatted hard disk. Hence, choose formatting option before installing new OS.

The tool not simply performs retrieval of formatted hard disk, additionally, it performs failed hard drive data recovery tools, the reason to fail of hard disk are longer using hard disk  i.e. numerous years of  using hard disk and incorrect quality of hard disk.

It revives the removed data from re-partitioned, formatted and corrupted hard disk in the safest way. Applying this tool, you will see repaired files from failed hard drive on show screen. It really user supportive and user-friendly tool. It performs hard disk recovery on Windows OS of numerous versions like Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Mac of dissimilar versions for example Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.

After looking at full functionalities, it really is confirmed that tool are capable of doing failed hard disk recovery, recovery of formatted hard disk.The straightforward steps to prevent loss of data are, usually do not start the PC in case your hard disk fails and last one is obviously store updated backup files around the hard disk.