Best Way to Convert OST File to PST

Microsoft Outlook is an information manager which consists of email, task manager, contact manager, etc. There are two types of Outlook file i.e. OST and PST. First one is Offline Storage table (OST) which allow user to work when he is not connected to the mail server. Second one is Personal Storage Table (PST) whose items are usually delivered and saved on the mail server if you are using a Microsoft Exchange account.

The basic difference between OST and PST files are explained below:

Offline Outlook Data Files (.ost) are used, when user want to work offline or use an Exchange account. Personal Outlook Data Files (.pst) uses POP3, IMAP and web based mail accounts. In this file user is able to back up their Outlook folders. There is lots of limitation in OST files over PST file. Although we manage MS Outlook with great care OST file gets corrupted due to plethora of reasons.

Reason behind OST to PST Conversion

Microsoft Exchange Error: When user synchronizes with Exchange Server mailbox, OST file is converted into PST file automatically and is updated. In this case user is having Microsoft Exchange Error.

OST Header File Corruption: OST header file is an important component of OST file. The header file contains all information about OST if it get damaged, user is unable to access Offline Storage Table file.

Synchronization Error: When Offline Outlook file is connected to server mailbox then all modification done is updated in server. If there is any interruption during this process such as power fluctuation, battery failure etc then it may cause synchronization error and Offline file get corrupted.

Other Factors: When system shut downs suddenly due to certain interruption such as bad sector, power fluctuation etc then it may corrupt OST file.

Features OST to PST Converter

  • Remo OST to PST converter is software for converting OST file which get damaged due to certain error. This is the fastest software to convert OST file.
  • The OST file is converted into PST file and is updated automatically when user is synchronizing Exchange Server Mailbox. This may be cause of Microsoft Exchange Error. This software repairs the OST file first then covert it into PST file.
  • This software is used for OST PST conversion without changing the original OST file. It is kept unmodified.
  • Remo OST to PST Converter is available with demo version so that user can check the effectiveness of software. In demo version user can preview the converted OST file.
  • This software is free from Virus Attack/Malware which can damage the converted PST file. The software requires very less space for installation which is 50MB.
  • Technical Support team is always available to guide and provide proper guidance to the users. The support team provides 24*7 assistance to the customer.

Note: In case, if you are finding it difficult to manage MS Outlook file then makes use of this link for guidance