How to repair oversized PST file error

Is your PST file throwing an error due to a large size? You can solve this error by getting a best PST repair tool through searching on the internet. If your Outlook had corrupted PST file, then you will get an error like “0x80040600” while accessing emails, contacts and any other data from the Outlook PST file. It means you need to repair large PST file in order to fetch the information from the Outlook. So, whenever you have got corrupted PST file, it is strongly recommended that you have to look at the PST repair tool. It can be used on various versions of Outlook such as you can fix large PST file Outlook 2007, 2002, 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc. Once the PST file was repaired, you will be able to retrieve any data from the Outlook.

In Outlook, the emails, contacts, notes, meeting requests and other Outlook items are stored in a single PST file. So, if this file gets corrupted, you are not able to access all these information. Then the powerful repair tool can be used to recover all these information and even the encrypted files can also be repaired with ease.

There are many PST repair tools available in the market, but the difficulty is selecting the safe and easiest software. To get best repair tool, you have to spend few times to search the software on the internet and read the industry experts reviews regarding the recovery software. Choose such software like which cannot harm your original data i.e the application should be read-only and it should not write or modify any data on your hard drive.

To know the possibility of PST repair tool, one can download the trial version of repair software. The demo version will work same as full version software and you can view the recovered data. If all the recovered data is correct, then you can use a licensed version of this software in order to save the recovered data. Thus one can evaluate PST repair, before purchasing the PST repair tool.

The PST file is not only corrupted due to oversize, it can also get damaged in the event of abnormal termination of Outlook, virus attack, file system damage, PST header corruption, incorrect file system recovery, improper shutdown of a computer system, etc. Thus the reasons for PST file corruption are more but the solution is only one tool i.e PST repair software.

The PST repair tool is a powerful Outlook recovery tool which has been designed and reviewed by industry experts. This is the most advanced application than the scanpst.exe inbox repair tool. It repairs corrupted PST file as well as it recovers deleted or lost emails, contacts, notes and other Outlook items. All recovered data is stored in a new PST file format and later it can be imported to your original Outlook profile. Hence the original Outlook PST file will not get further damage. You can also use this software to search the PST file if you don’t know its location on your computer.

Easiest Way to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook PST File

Some of my emails which are stored in Outlook personnel folder of mine got corrupted due to excess size. Is there any way that I could restore deleted email from that folder? My emails are corrupted due to attributes excess size. Because of this, I can’t view my emails which are in those attributes. Can anyone suggest me a way to recover email deleted from deleted items?

Outlook is one of the advanced technologies which are used for managing different activities such as mail, schedule, task manager, contact links, note making, periodicals and web related docs. It is developed and marketed by Microsoft Corp. It comes in a combo pack of MS Office which is all related to file formation. If in any case any of the components of Outlook gets inaccessible then it can just hamper working of any individual either in personal life or professional. The PST file is a file which contains all the data and records of each and every Outlook profile. As a result, if you face such a scenario where you are not having com and over Outlook PST file, after that, you can use corrupt PST File Repair software, which has great scanning mechanism which can rebuild a new PST file from the original one. So the original one remains secure for any later use. There is a number of situation where one can lose PST file are virus assaults, oversized PST, PST file corruption due to up gradation of MS Outlook software, working on large volumes of email junks, file corruption due to file system corruption in hard disk etc.

Let’s discuss some of the Scenarios which can tend to PST File Lose:

Oversized PST File: Mostly PST file gets corrupt due to oversized PST file. Since the number of emails and contacts etc. increases the file size of PST is amplified too. Thus a time comes when PST file enters into its diffusion, i.e. no more data can be stored in the PST. As the size of PST file increases slowly it is usually not noticed, and that is why it gets corrupt when limit comes to dispersion. Thus, if you don’t want to face such problem then you need to have Recover Deleted Email tool which can repair Outlook 2007 PST and also recovers deleted or lost emails from Outlook PST with ease.

Severe Virus Infection: Another usual cause of PST file getting damaged is due to virus invasion. A virus is actually a computer program which can replicate itself and transfers from system to another through a network or by the internet. It may make the change in the contents of PST. When any such virus attacks PST file or outlook it makes the working of the Outlook stand tranquil. So if you wish to recover all the details from old PST then it can be used to recover. Above mentioned tool recovers deleted emails from Outlook PST file of any version within few minutes, thus saving time.

Some of the added Features of Recover Deleted Email Software:

  • This is just a read-only application which will not make any changes to original PST file.
  • Reproduce a brand new Outlook PST files having all the contents and features of old one.
  • Different versions of Outlook are well supported.
  • Password secured PST can be repaired, but the password will remain with the new one.
  • Attributes and emails deleted from Outlook can be easily recovered.
  • In case the user doesn’t have any suggestion about where PST file is positioned, then this software can be utilized.
  • Consequently, by viewing the features of this tool we can state that it can be utilized for repairing PST file and making all its details accessible again.

Microsoft Outlook Settings Migration Tool

Majority of the industry people prefer Microsoft Outlook as the email client application to communicate within their organization for decision making and other purposes. Outlook comes along with Microsoft Office suite, which is by far the most useful application package that are widely in use all around the world. Outlook allows its users to manage emails, contacts, calendar items, settings, reminders, RSS feeds, journals and many more. All these attributes are stored inside Personal Storage Table (PST) file. Outlook also allows its users to access their important mails and other attributes when they are offline with the help of OST file or Offline Storage Table.

Consider this situation, you have to move Outlook 2003 settings from a Windows XP PC to Outlook 2007 on the newly purchased Windows 7 PC but not sure whether it is possible or not. The people who knows that it is possible will often find it difficult to achieve this as they are not very much aware about it. Actually, it’s not that difficult as you think, if you have access to right tools then it is just like having a cup of tea. For some users this may not be a frustrating situation as they are ready to establish Outlook settings from scratch but let us tell you, it is quite an insane idea as this is going to be a time consuming process. The best approach to migrate Outlook settings is by using Outlook Migrate software. It offers the users with a safe and secure way to migrate Outlook settings

Some users have set their mind with a misconception that it is only possible to move Outlook attributes such as emails, contacts, calendars, reminders, tasks, journals, etc. but they are not familiar about the idea of migrating Outlook settings. We would like to explain to them about this incredible tool that will help them to migrate Outlook settings. Below we have mentioned about why you should prefer Outlook Migrate Software over any recovery process.

Why Outlook Migrate Software?

Microsoft itself offers it’s user with an option to save or migrate the Outlook settings by using a manual method. The tools provided by Microsoft include File settings transfer wizard, Windows easy transfer, etc but each tool has its own drawback like not Outlook specific, may not contain your PST file when you have relocated it, higher possibility of corruption during migration process.

But when it comes to Outlook Migrate Software, there is no such issue. It is recommended by the industry experts to migrate Microsoft Outlook settings as it is proven with the fact that Outlook Migrate Software has immaculate features over any other recovery processes. So, if you want to keep the Outlook settings when you want to move from Windows XP to Windows 7, don’t hesitate any more.

We assure you that this tool is also efficient to recover all the attributes of Outlook like emails, contacts, journals, reminders, tasks, RSS feeds, etc. along with the Outlook settings. Another aspiring feature of this tool is its inbuilt “Scheduler”. This can help you to recover Outlook data on the basis of scheduled time or the event. You can create restore points to return Outlook into previous state. This tool also allows you to compress the data that you wish to take backup and split the backup if it’s required, this will be useful if you don’t have the enough disk space on the storage device. This professional application have the potential to take backup data from Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010. With the help of this tool you can easily recover Outlook data even if your profile is seriously corrupted due to any of the reasons like virus attack, improper closing of Outlook profile, etc.

How to repair PST file after Scanpst error?

Inbox Repair Tool often known as Scanpst this is a name to the executable file, is a system inbuilt utility from Microsoft meant to repair damage or corrupt Outlook PST files. The scanpst.exe utility installs automatically using the installing of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook makes use of Personal Storage Table (PST) files for storing the E-mail Messages, Notes, Appointments, Journals and lots of other Outlook attributes. However, in certain situations, Outlook PST files may get corrupt resulting in your situation of inaccessibility of Outlook data. In such kind of situations, in order to repair the corrupt PST files, scanpst.exe can be used to repair the damaged or corrupted PST files and recover the contents kept in it. On the other hand, it is possible to face few errors when using scanpst.exe. “Inbox Repair Tool is not responding” is such an error that can place while scanning corrupted PST files as well as the process discontinues. In such sort of a situation, you must take advantage of a good third party corrupt Outlook PST file repair tool so that you can fix Outlook after Scanpst error.

Microsoft Outlook can be a well-known email client application presented by Microsoft to ensure their users worldwide take benefit for the easy communication environment. Microsoft Outlook stores the Outlook data in a single database file generally known as PST file. PST files are saved on the local computer’s hard drive and thus, the PST file at risk of becoming corrupt on account of various disastrous situations. The time when PST file gets corrupt, it is prudent to utilize Inbox Repair Tool to be able to solve the corruption issue. Sometimes scanpst.exe may be not able to fix the corruption issue and also the screen goes white and displays an oversight message proclaiming that “Inbox Repair Tool is not responding”. There may be a lot of reasons responsible for this error; some common situations that causes this error are listed below.

  • When the PST file gets oversized, that is certainly using the PST file exceeded while using the maximum size limit.
  • Sometimes the PST file can get corrupt severely.
  • Improper or incomplete installing Microsoft Outlook.
  • The outlook programs haven’t been closed completely ahead of the repair process.

Such form of situations, you have to take advantage of a good third party corrupt PST file repair tool to be able to repair corrupt PST file and recover lost Outlook Messages, Contacts, Notes, Calendar Appointments along with other useful attributes. The Outlook PST repair tool works outstandingly at times situation is the place you find Inbox Repair Tool is not responding. This corrupt Outlook PST repair tool is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Download the demo version of corrupt Outlook PST file repair tool to check and obtain an affordable thought of performance, features and functionalities of the software. The demo version of this tool lets you to execute Outlook recovery; however, it limits you from saving the recovered data. To conserve the recovered data, you need to purchase the full version software.