Quick Repairing of Corrupted PowerPoint 2010 File

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is one among the powerful application from Microsoft Office Suit. It is mainly used for creating different types of professional presentations. MS PowerPoint 2010 facilitates its users with many exciting attributes like insertion of images, animation, audio and much more which makes our presentation more attractive.

Hence, PowerPoint presentations are employed in most of the business organizations to create professional presentation and in educational institutes to explain the projects, seminars etc.PPT and PPTX are the file format which is used for saving presentation files.

As the application is used more frequently, then the chance of file corruption is also high. The PPTX files which is used for saving presentations can be corrupted or damaged due to several reasons such as abrupt shutdowns, improper installation of software, virus intrusion etc. To fix corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file, you need an effective repair utility which can repair corrupted Power Point file with ease.

Fix Damaged tool is one of the prominent software that repairs PowerPoint 2010 files. To make your presentations readable and corruption free, install this tool on your computer, go through some easy steps and repair corrupted PowerPoint 2010 file in just few mouse clicks.

Some reasons behind corruption of PowerPoint 2010 files:

Interruptions while downloading PowerPoint 2010: If you download a file from the internet then if any interruption arises like power failure, removal of plug etc, then it will cause corruption in MS Power Point 2010 files.

File Header corruption: File header consists of all essential information about Power Point file. If header file gets corrupted, then your PowerPoint 2010 files become inaccessible.

Inappropriate file format: The PPT file corruption occurs as a consequence of frequent alternation in file system. In case, if you modify the file system from PPTX to PPT, then your PowerPoint 2010 file may gets corrupted.

Virus intrusion: One of the biggest reasons of file corruption is virus attack. When you connect your system to the internet for accessing server information, virus comes into play. When you do so, then it is must that your system is updated with anti-virus software. If it isn’t then there is a chance of relocation of virus into your system.

Sudden shutdown of system: When you shut down your PC or Laptop suddenly, while working with PowerPoint 2010 files can corrupt your PPT file making it inaccessible.

Improper installation of application: Sometimes, if you not follow the directions while installing MS PowerPoint 2010. Due to improper or incomplete installation of this software, your presentation files get corrupted.

Recovery of corrupted PowerPoint 2010 file:

There are various other reasons of Powerpoint 2010 file corruption such as software conflicts, file system corruption, installing un-trusted third party tool etc. To avoid this type of corruption scenarios and to fix broken PowerPoint 2010 file, you can use Fix Damaged Repair utility which recovers, repairs damaged and corrupted Power Point 2010 files.

This is an excellent software which is recommended by experts to fix PowerPoint 2010 files after corruption, damage or when it is not opening with error messages. By utilizing this user-supportive program, you are able to recover all types of PowerPoint 2010 attributes such as text, OLE objects, animation, sound effects, images etc. You can get free trial version of this Power Point utility by visiting at www.fixdamaged.net

Salient features of Fix Damaged Repair software:

  • This tool works well on Microsoft Office versions including MS 2000,2003,2007,2010 etc. to fix damaged PowerPoint 2010 file.
  • This repair utility is used to repair all types of file format supported by MS Power point 2010 such as PPT, PPTX and PPS.
  • This application includes full scanning methods to do scanning of PowerPoint 2010 file to repair and recover the files according to file name, file size and date of file creation.
  • In addition, you can take advantage of this smart utility for repairing corrupted MS PowerPoint files on Windows.
  • It provides easy to use interactive wizard interface which repairs corrupted Power Point files effortlessly.

Simplest Way to Recover Hard Disk Data

Losing important data in the hard drive is a serious concern nowadays. Data from your hard disk drive can be lost because of innumerable reasons like hard drive corruption, hard drive format, software crash, accidental deletion, virus infection, unexpected shutdown or any other unknown reasons. In most cases the file lost may well not get noticed because of severe file system corruption. Hard disk drive file recovery may not be something you even think, until it happen with you. Once it can, you will become acquainted with the term recovery.

Data recovery software is the only method to recover your lost hard disk data back. It uses various techniques that will easily retrieve your lost data in their original form. It is the Cheapest, fastest and efficient tool to recoup lost or deleted files from hard disk. It scans the entire drive in a few minutes and recovers data from it. It even recovers data from formatted partitions. It may recover 300 file types including photos, videos, email archives and zip archives. You can even edit/add new signatures for files which are not on file list. It performs Hard disk data recovery in an easy and efficient way.

Recover file tool can recover data from various external drives like:

  • Memory card: Digicam and cellular phones use memory cards to keep all its files. Secure Digital cards are extremely popular form of memory cards. Prepaid cards are known for their storage capacity. There are numerous kinds of SD cards available like micro SD, mini SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC etc. For those who have lost data from Facts then you can certainly easily recover it by utilizing file recovery software.
  • Pen drive: USB drives are also known as pen drive. These drives are used to store personal documents and other media files. Pen drives are extremely popular due to its compact size. Data recovery software may also recover data from formatted or corrupted USB drive.
  • External Hard drive: To give storage capacity we use external hard drive. Generally people put it to use have a backup of all their personal information. Loss of data from external hard drive results abundant amount of loss of data. Only at that situation use file recovery software to revive your lost data.

Most common reasons which can be in charge of data loss from hard drive:

  • Accidental formatting laptop or computer hard disk drive or partition will erase entire data from hard disk.
  • System crash is an additional reason behind loss of data, in which operating-system neglect to start.
  • If your personal computer is contaminated with virus, the self-generated copies with the virus will overwrite the present files and cause severe data loss.
  • Accidental deletion of partition by using 3rd party tool.
  • Errors encountered during the process of file system conversion also bring data loss.
  • Sudden power failure causing partition corruption which eventually makes Windows inaccessible.
  • Improper shut down of system may result in inaccessible partitions / drives

In order to avoid every one of the loss of data scenarios you are able to follow some fundamental precautions like:

  • Maintain a suitable backup of all your crucial files and folders.
  • You can avoid sudden system shut down through the use of reliable power source.
  • Use new version of antivirus program to handle deadly viruses.
  • Before shut off your computer first close every one of the running programs.

Download free trial offer form of it form internet. By preview option take a glance of all your recovered data and evaluate the result. From preview option check if you are recovering right data or not, if you are happy with its results then download it full version to save your recovered files.




Easy ways to Mac undelete files

The advanced features and user-friendly interface has made Mac operating system popular among the uses and the number of users is increasing gradually. As with any other operating system Mac system is susceptible to data loss. The data stored in your computer hard drive can be lost at any time. There are many reasons that cause data loss from the storage device like human errors, virus attack, and malfunction of the hard drive or software. Moreover, re-partitioning or reformatting the Mac volume can also lead to data loss.

Most of the deleted or lost data remain in the drive until it is over written. Over writing of the lost data generally occurs when you restart your computer, store new data on to the same volume or when you install new software. The data recovery software is able to trace such data available in the hard drive. The data recovery software is based on operating system and there is specialized Mac recovery software is available for recovering lost data from Mac system.

Accidental deletion of pictures from the digital camera, corruption in memory card, or error while transferring data from the card to the computer are some of the reason for losing precious photos.  By taking proper backup or handling the digital camera with little care can help you to avoid photo loss. If you are losing photos even after doing this, you can recover lost photos using efficient photo recovery software. All well-known picture formats, including the raw image formats can be retrieved using the software.