Download Software to Perform Photo Recovery after Formatting Hard Drive – Its Latest Version

In recent years, everyone is craze with photo clicks and other stuffs. Captured photos and memorable videos which are stored in system drive will be erased due to formatting hard drive by accidentally or intentionally. Later you feel you have lost all your precious photos and scratching your head, how to get back? Calm down! You can recover the lost photos using photo recovery tool.

Quick and simple steps to photo recovery after formatting hard drive:

  • Firstly download image recover tool software on your system and install it.
  • Next select the Recover Drive option on the home screen.
  • Later select the appropriate scan option that is either Partition Recovery or Formatted or Reformatted Recovery.
  • Recover data by choosing the external hard drive connected to your system and click “Next”.
  • Scanning complete drive will be initiated; once scan is completed you can preview the recovered pictures.
  • Select the photos that you want to retrieve and store it to any desired location.

Photo recovery after formatting hard driveThe software to retrieve photos.

Most important characteristics of photo recovery tool are listed as:

  • This amazing tool will restore all deleted or lost multimedia files like photos, audios and videos from hard drives, memory cards (like SD, SDXC, SDHC, XD, CF, MMC etc.), external drives etc.
  • This software is successful in recovering RAW image files generated by various popular digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak and many more.
  • Retrieves deleted / lost media files from digital camcorders, iPods, mobile phones and many other digital devices.
  • You can also recover photos from Recycle Binalong with video and music files after accidental deletion or emptying Recycle Bin to free its space, etc. on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista and so on in some easy steps.

Different scenarios where you lose your pictures and seek help from photo recovery tool to retrieve back.

  • The pictures from the hard drive of your computer can be deleted using shift+delete option, formatting hard drive, clearing Recycle bin.
  • Removing the memory card abruptly from camera or card reader may results in photo loss.
  • If the storage device in which the pictures are stored is corrupted due to any reason, then the pictures stored inside become inaccessible to the user.
  • Virus attack will be the other reason where the photos are inaccessible to the user to view.

Sticky notes to keep your photos safe:

  • Ensure that you never unplug flash drive while reading or writing. Make sure you always remove flash drive safely.
  • Formatting of drives unnecessary should be avoided.
  • Proper plug out of flash drives are highly recommended. Removing your flash drive incorrectly can corrupt the photos.
  • Memory device can get damaged easily, if they are handled abruptly or incorrectly so handle with care

Photo Recovery tool is the best solution to retrieve all photos back to your memory.