Easy recovery of Outlook PST file data

Microsoft Outlook uses a special file for personal storage of emails and scheduling functions such as calendars and notebooks. Very often this file referred to as a PST file will become damaged when messages within it are compacted or new messages are scanned for by antivirus software. Another issue with Microsoft Outlook is that the inbox size is limited to 2 GB of information and once exceeded, basically the inbox shuts down.

In order to rectify the situation you will need a program to recover Outlook PST information. In essence these programs perform PST repair in as much as they reconstruct your Microsoft Outlook inbox allowing you to once again access all of your stored messages. While many companies offer Microsoft Outlook recovery programs perhaps the best of these is the Outlook recovery tool presented by Remo software. Unlike lesser quality programs that merely cut down the size of your PST file so that it regains proper function, the Remo product will find and recover all of the messages in your PST file while repairing the Outlook inbox.