How to delete data so it will never be recovered

Deleting files from your computer’s hard disk does not erase hard drive data permanently. When you delete a file either by emptying your Windows recycle bin or using shift delete, all you really do is remove the labeling on that file sector of your computer’s hard disk drive, that label being the file name, and mark that file sector as now being available to store new information.

Anyone with a quality data recovery program can come along and within minutes scan your entire hard drive so as to read all of the previously deleted information and copy away that which suits them. A portion of the information that they recover may be important financial records such as credit card numbers or banking information. Businesses are at risk to lose personal records and medical information. The only solution is to delete data permanently by using a file shredder program. In choosing a file shredder program make sure the one you pick exceeds all United States Department of Defense security requirements.