How to Undo Delete Data from Hard Drive, USB or SSD Drive?

In our day to day life, computers have become an indispensable part. Everyday files like .rar, .zip, .ppt, .mp3, mp4, .avi, .jpg, .png, .doc, .pdf, etc. are created, stored and deleted. Users are creating such files using some apps and store them on the system hard drive, or external storage device such as USB drive, flash drive, memory sticks, SSD drive, pen drive, memory cards, etc. and delete them when they are no longer need a particular file.

When the file is no more needed or when there are two copies of the same folder or when you don’t want to others to access a file, or to free the memory space, etc., in such cases, file deletion is done. In all these circumstances, users may delete the file either by pressing the “shift+ delete” keys or “Del key” or by right click the mouse and selecting “Delete” option on the menu bar. In such case, you can use Undo Delete software to perform recovery of deleted data with utmost ease. Many times, you might have unintentionally deleted a wrong file which is important for you. Let us see some of the examples.

  • Use “Select All” to delete the bunch of files which include an important one too.
  • Use “Ctrl” key for selecting multiple files for deletion and wrongly selected an important file.
  • While doing “Cut-Copy-Paste”.
  • Used “Shift + Delete” keys for deletion, as this action does not lead the file to recycle bin
  • Unintentionally deleted of files from an external storage device when connected to the system as this action also does not directs the file to a Windows recycle bin or Mac Trash.
  • Accidentally deleting of a large sized file, which failed to get stored in the recycle bin.

When you met with such situations then the user who is not much tech-savvy assumes that the deleted file is gone forever and is unable to be recovered by them. But this is not true, instead of it is still possible to get back the files that are accidentally deleted, although not by the user rather by employing a recovery tool like Undo Delete software.

Things to Remember:

  • Always take backup of your important files in some storage device to avoid such issue.
  • Cross verify the selection of files before deletion.
  • Always use good antivirus program to prevent your storage device from virus or malware attack.

Features of Undo Delete software:

  • Undo Delete software is an efficient software using which you can delete the files which are either deleted from the system hard drive , USB drive, FireWire drive, SSD drive, memory cards, memory sticks, pen drive or other storage devices on all major versions of Mac or Windows operating system.
  • This software is capable of recovering  documents, pictures, videos, audios, etc. which are stored on any storage device.
  • The software provides a “preview” option to the users to have a look at the files content before restoration.
  • Demo version id available for the users for evaluating the performance of the tool. Once users are satisfied with the recovery results then they can purchase the Undo Delete software to undo the deleted files and save it on the desired location.