Recover partitions in Windows file storage systems

The Windows FAT, that is file allocation table, system of storing and retrieving messages from internal hard drives has not been in use on a Windows operating system and hence a PC since the implementation of Windows 98 SE. After that point, the FAT file system was replaced with the new technology file system also known as NTFS. In almost every instance, when attempting to recover lost partitions Windows users will be thinking in terms of recovery of lost data from their computer’s internal hard drive.

Because almost all Windows based PCs are using Windows XP or a newer version of Windows, one would think that the need to recover files from FAT partition areas would be limited. This would be true except that almost every external solid state digital storage media device is formatted using the older FAT system. This includes USB flash drives, camera memory cards and many external book drive devices. This is especially true in cases using external book drives, as these are often divided into many partition segments and data recovery on external book drives often requires scanning and recovery of files from a specific FAT partition.