Solving the problem of a corrupted 2GB PST file

You may have at one time or another seen on television or the movies a comedy sketch in which a person in an effort to make a table stop wobbling cuts off pieces of the legs attempting to level out the table. Eventually their dining room table is a coffee table and still wobbles. This same mentality is often use to repair 2GB PST file problems.

The 2GB PST file is the main database used by Microsoft Outlook, the world’s most popular email client. Many programs designed to repair 2GB Outlook inbox problems do so by lopping off or cropping, if you will, the size of the PST file down to just under the 2 GB limitation. Yes, this will result in an operational Microsoft Outlook inbox, but it also results in permanently lost emails. Better programs designed to repair Microsoft Outlook inbox problems will divide the data stored in the inbox PST file in half and reattach sets of access tables for each. The same quality Microsoft Outlook recovery programs will allow one to then import or export the messages within the PST file or the entire PST file itself.