The process of recovering and restoring lost NTFS partitions

NTFS stands for the New Technology File System. This is the file storage and retrieval system used by all the most recent Windows operating systems. It is important to note this, as when we save files, this file structure system is used to organize and access them. The most common usage of NTFS is in dividing up the available space in your computer’s internal hard drive. Generally speaking these divisions are known as partitions and more specifically as NTFS partitions. It is not uncommon to have entry to an entire NTFS partition be denied due to loss of essential operating system files.

The basic procedure to restore those operating system files and consequently restore access to your computer’s hard drive is to reload your version of Windows. But before you can do this you must recover corrupted NTFS partition information. Technically this information is not yet lost but the moment you reload Windows and reformat your hard drive all of your previously stored files are marked as deleted and the space they held on your computer’s hard drive is ready to be overwritten. Before you can restore your computer to its original operating condition you must use a data recovery program to recover lost NTFS partition files.