The similarity of different file types when attempting recovery

In terms of their structural composition, video files and Word document files are completely different. However, in terms of file recovery they are extremely similar. Most of the better file recovery programs such as those offered by Remo software are designed to recognize several components of deleted files. These may include file extensions such as a Microsoft Word DOC file or an AVI video file or even the all familiar MP4 file type. Truthfully, many deleted documents file recovery programs can recognize these extensions and on that basis restore these types of deleted files.

When a lesser quality data recovery program attempts to recover deleted video files or document types not listed and hence not recognized, the program falls short of one’s expectations. Remo Software for data recovery recognizes the overall structure of a file type and draws a conclusion as to its relative recoverability. For this reason Remo Software’s data recovery programs are able to recover a far higher percentage of lost, damaged or deleted files than almost any other data recovery system.