Why my MS Office Files Won’t Open on External HDD?

“Hello everyone, can anyone help me to solve my problem? I actually stored few Excel and Word files on my external hard drive. The problem is those Office files are not opening when I try to open them directly from the external; hard drive. But, they are opening successfully after I copied them to my computer. Why my Office files are not opening on external hard drive? How to fix it? Please help me. Thank you…!” 

If you have encountered a situation just like above, then read this page to know how to fic the issue. In such case, make sure that you have MS Office and Windows operating system fully updated, repair disk permissions and then restart the system. This may or may not fix the issue completely, but helps to a level the playing field.

If you are using MS Office 2011 Suite, then be careful as it is quite sensitive to illegal characters in volume names, folder names & file names. Make sure that you don’t use any symbols or punctuation in the naming.

Also, the folders name is part of the path name. So, is the name of the drive. Do not use any special characters for these, and avoid using!@#$ %^&*{}()[]/<> like this plague.

Also, check with these:

  1. USB 11 cables on USB 2.0 devices sometimes work, sometimes won’t work. If you have run into cases with USB 11 internal cables and errors happen.
  2. BIOS may be out of date.
  3. “Odd” settings of said BIOS. Hint: Try defaults and USB enabled.
  4. Motherboard and USB filter drivers. Highly dependent on the make/model motherboard, but the truth is that Microsoft has nothing to offer here. Windows Update and Driver Update to do nothing to fix the issue.

Beyond that, any parasite or pest can also cause any number of odd errors and bumps. Hint? Adaware, Spybot, Cwshredder, Houseful and HPGURU’s HOSTS file can help keep the parasites away.

Note: If the Office files that you are looking for on an external hard drive are deleted by accident, then it is a serious threat? Office files can be deleted by accident. How to recover Microsoft office from external hard drive? Why to worry, when powerful Office File Recovery tool is available online. Just download and install the free trial version of this tool and recover back your MS Office files from external hard drive in a couple of minutes.